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Preferred by comms professionals and journalists, PR Newswire receives 3x more press release traffic than our competitors, including Business Wire,, and GlobeNewswire.
PR Newswire is committed to distributing accurate and high-quality news. Your organization details are necessary for us to verify you as an authorized sender.

Editorial Services
With Cision, you get more than just a vendor, you get a communication partner. Our 24/7/365 editorial team reviews and consults clients on every single press release they send.
Most-Trusted Network
PR Newswire (a Cision company) is the industry leader in newswire distribution, garnering more coverage and search visibility for our clients. For 65 years, we've been the gold standard.
3x the Site Visitors
Our website receives 3 times as many visitors and 4 times as many average monthly page views than our our competitors. Plus, the click through rate on our releases is 283% higher!
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